COVID-19 Support

COVID-19 Recovery Support Available From Acumentice

As the first peak of Covid-19 has passed, now is the time to be planning for recovery. Acumentice are acutely aware of how busy NHS teams already are as they face huge challenges with planning recovery in such uncertain times.

The historic methods of recovery planning are clearly no longer sustainable in these unprecedented times as the landscape of delivering elective care is transforming. Now more than ever, Trusts need modelling tools that harness data and operational intelligence which reflect the unique complexity of recovering from this pandemic.

Acumentice are able to provide such expertise via the below options to assist in your recovery planning:

Elective Care Management and Recovery Support

  • Plan and model elective care recovery at Trust and specialty level across all key elements, then support the oversight and delivery of that programme
  • Demand and capacity modelling for individual services – including scenario planning to model additional waves of the virus and its impact to capacity and demand
  • Data quality improvement and validation programmes are going to be imperative in supporting the management of long waiting lists post Covid – we are experts in both manual and digital tools to achieve this
  • Managing integration of services across providers, use of independent sector resources and appropriate use of virtual appointments
  • Direct/tailored operational and project management support to services – including to manage outsourcing or insourcing and implementing clinical prioritisation strategies

Pathway Redesign

  • Clinical pathway redesign to support efficient treatment plans for patients via “green” pathways when recommencing elective care
  • Digitisation of care operational support with a particular focus on the post-COVID requirements impacting large portions of care
  • Risk assessments and audits to ensure that embracing the move towards virtual appointments and reviews include developing robust and safe clinical pathways and monitoring tools to reduce the risk of harm or repeat visits for your patients

Digital Patient Pathway Management Tools

  • ‘Smart’ pathway validation tools deployment through our partnership with Qubit Health, we are able to provide a system we have already utilised for effective pathway management and validation tracking throughout the pandemic
  • An integrated digital system for integrated care.  Qubit can be deployed across multiple sites, organisations and PAS systems to amalgamate waiting lists into one easily manageable PTL for the sector
  • Tracking clinical prioritisation and clinical harm reviews can now be done through the Qubit system.  This information can then be set against your PTL to support the management of patients in line with national/local guidance and patient safety

Acumentice believe we have the expertise, passion and integrity to support you and your patients in this challenging time.

We are already working with a range of Trusts to operationally respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are a recognised partner to the NHS and our services are available through several relevant frameworks to offer support.

Contact us here for a discussion on support we can offer you.