Empowering future healthcare through data

Following the pandemic, the need for data-led interventions in healthcare is indisputable. Although the pandemic catalysed digitalisation, a joined-up approach to utilising data and using it to deliver actionable insights remains in its infancy. In an article published in Business Reporter and The Independent, our Managing Director, Karina Malhotra, argues there is now an urgent need to look at healthcare data more strategically to begin designing solutions that future-proof the system and meet the widely varied needs of all.

Delivering the best patient care relies on having access to all relevant information. It is important to ensure there is enhanced visibility of the holistic needs of the patient, that nothing is missed, and the patient’s condition is managed in the most appropriate way.

By connecting data insights from different areas of service provision, health organisations would be equipped with a more accurate overview of patient journeys across their borders as well as benefit from the efficacies of interventions. It would also allow a consolidated and informed view of the current and future needs of their patient population.

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