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Tackling waiting lists – why a rounded approach is needed

Elective care waiting lists have remained persistently high in recent years, exacerbated further by the Covid-19 pandemic and recent industrial action. But they cannot be tackled by increasing activity alone. A multi-pronged approach – which improves IT systems, seeks proactive assurance on digital infrastructures and focuses on upskilling the workforce in waitlist management – is […]

40 new hospitals – what’s the real story?

Confused about the government’s 40 new hospitals programme? You’re not alone. Ever since it was announced as a manifesto pledge by the Conservatives in December 2019, it’s been a clear lesson in semantics, misunderstanding and (some would say) smoke and mirrors. How many of the 40 new hospitals are actually new? How many will be […]

NHS long-term workforce plan – what are the key enablers?

The NHS’s long-awaited long-term workforce plan was finally released at the end of June, after many false dawns. But how can it be realised to achieve its full potential and really make a difference? What was announced? The long-term workforce plan covered a wide range of areas, but the most eye-catching announcements were: A £2.4bn […]

The Future of Healthcare Survey: Through the Public Eye

Many organisations are working to support and improve the NHS and social care system’s use of data, analytics and digital technology. But what exactly does the public want to see? Three years after the Covid-19 pandemic began, the NHS is under significant pressure and possibly facing its biggest challenges yet. Research by The Health Foundation […]

NHS turns 75 – a national treasure that remains as vital as ever!

It’s often hailed as the crowning glory of the post-war consensus. For many, it remains the national institution of which they are most proud. Healthcare, free at the point of use, for everyone – a wonderful concept admired around the world. As the National Health Service reaches its 75th birthday, it’s an institution that continues […]

From London to Manchester!

June has certainly been a busy month for the Acumentice team, with not one but three key events. Firstly, there was the HSJ Data & Analytics Forum on Wednesday 7 June at etc.venues in Fenchurch Street, where our Managing Director, Karina Malhotra, spoke as part of a panel discussion. This was followed up the next […]

Our CSR roadmap – improving society and the environment

Last year, we decided as a company to set out a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy, as we believe that CSR and sustainability are just as important for SMEs as they are for larger organisations. Since then, we have been working hard to create a roadmap that aligns with our values and vision and our […]

Net zero NHS – what are the plans and where are we now?

In July 2022, the NHS became the world’s first health system to embed net zero into legislation, as part of the Health and Care Act 2022. This followed on from the NHS announcing in October 2020 its commitment to being the world’s first health service to reach carbon net zero. The importance of reaching net […]

Unlocking the power of data: strategies to boost staff engagement with data

In this blog, Adam Ceney, our Head of Analytics, explores the issues when it comes to staff engagement with data and the possible solutions to this. There is no shortage of data that is collected, analysed, and distributed across the healthcare system, whether it is internally to manage services or in the form of centralised […]

Waiting time standard – why community-based mental health services need more help to meet it

In this blog, our Principal Consultant, Philip Purdy, looks at why community-based mental health services need more assistance with meeting the proposed new waiting time standard. Despite having gone under the radar compared to other new initiatives, a new waiting time standard for certain areas of mental health is set to be gradually phased in […]

Forum reflection – why the refreshed NHS Long Term Plan is a must

A few weeks ago, our Managing Director, Karina Malhotra, took part in the latest Westminster Health Forum – ‘Priorities for delivering long-term progress in the NHS’.  The idea being that more focus needs to be on long-term, sustainable fixes rather than short-term, immediate ones.  While the government recently indicated that it has no plans to […]

Into the Multiverse – Acumentice team signs up to leading apprenticeship programme

As a company, we are always eager to help our team grow, develop and enhance their existing skillset. And ongoing learning is a key part of that. So, with this in mind, we are delighted to announce that two of the Acumentice team will be carrying out apprenticeships with the Multiverse platform in partnership with […]