Digital Transformation in Healthcare Services

Digital transformation is part of every industry, but many NHS Trusts are still working towards making the switch to better, more efficient technologies. Older systems can be harder to access and hold inaccurate patient records, making it difficult for staff to provide a quality patient experience.

Patient experience isn’t the only concern. Many legacy systems are now reaching their end of life, leaving them and the data they store vulnerable to cyber-attack.

The procurement and implementation of a new patient administration system (PAS) or electronic patient record system (EPR) is a complex undertaking, requiring precise planning, effort and staff engagement. Hospital digital transformation of this type and complexity doesn’t happen often, meaning trusts often require additional skills and support and assurance that the right decisions have been made. This is where healthcare consultancy, Acumentice can support.

Digital Solutions for Healthcare

Acumentice have a deep and complex understanding of PAS migrations and workflows at individual organisation and system levels based on the team’s extensive experience. By combining our understanding with the Qubit digital healthcare solution, we can unlock further insights into the improvements your organisation needs.

A key strength of our offering is giving organisations the reconfiguration they need to support operational, clinical and reporting needs. We can completely transform business operations through modernisation and replacement of manual processes with digital solutions. This includes supporting operation and strategic goals of a programme by connecting, automating and working more efficiently.

Upon completion, our customised digital healthcare transformation training and development programmes get clinical and non-clinical staff up to speed with the new technology. With a new system in place, organisations can benefit from smarter pathway tracking, validation, data quality monitoring, reporting and data analytics.

As your digital health consultancy, we will be with you every step of the way from procurement to deployment, ensuring every element of your digital health transformation is handled with the attention to detail it requires.

Our services are available in bespoke packages or as part of our wider healthcare management consultancy services which encompasses elective care recovery programme, data quality improvement strategy, healthcare analytics and waiting list validation.

Why Acumentice?

The experienced team at Acumentice are passionate about supporting NHS Trusts in the UK with all challenges they face – from elective care management consulting to waiting list validation . Every challenge is met by our team while expressing our core values: excellence, respect, clarity, passion and integrity.

A key part of our success is with the partnerships we’ve developed with our clients to help them achieve real benefits from a digital transformation project. We operate by a core set of values, placing the interests of patients and Trusts first, helping the transferring of knowledge to teams a huge part of our partnership approach.

Acumentice is Cyber Essential Plus certified and our management system meets ISO 9001 & 27001 industry compliance for working with NHS organisations.

“Acumentice have delivered excellent advisory, consultancy and programme management services to the Trust, especially relating to data, information management and PAS workflow improvements.”

Professor Catherine UrchClinical Director of Surgery, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust