Elective Care Management Consulting

Elective care recovery is a vital programme for all NHS organisations, especially after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We understand that leading an Elective Care Transformation Programme isn’t easy. With so much data available, the best solutions aren’t always obvious and designing and delivering an elective care programme at such a scale can be difficult for trusts by themselves.

This is where healthcare consultancy Acumentice can support. Our comprehensive elective management consulting service help hospital better manage the rising demand for elective care services and improve patient-centric care.

Elective Care Services

Acumentice can provide a bespoke combination of diagnostic and corrective projects to support NHS Trusts and CCGs with their information and operational management as part of all Elective Care standards recovery. This elective care services framework must be achieved under the recent NHS operating plans and to access vital Elective Care Recovery funds.

We understand the complexities and challenges of waiting list management across elective healthcare. By combining data analytics tools, AI and our expertise, we can support the design of an elective care recovery programme that includes all best practice and clear solutions to better manage patient backlogs and increased demand for elective care services. All this can be done to improve patient experience, safety and access to care and provide a more integrated, patient-centric experience.

We can deliver our comprehensive elective care management consulting services across NHS organisations at individual provider, CCG and Integrated Care System level. Our teams are experienced in supporting all aspects of elective care in a smart, time efficient and cost-effective way to ensure optimum results for clients. Whether a diagnostic report is required or a full operational turnaround of a department, we can support your teams every step of the way.

Our services are available in bespoke packages or as part of our wider healthcare management consultancy services which encompasses digital transformation in healthcare, data quality improvement strategy, healthcare analytics and waiting list validation.

Why Acumentice?

Acumentice have an experienced and passionate team who are dedicated at supporting NHS Trusts throughout the UK with their elective care programmes. This is done while meeting our core values: excellence, respect, clarity, passion and integrity.

We have supported multiple Trusts, CCGS and Integrated Care Systems in improving their elective care services through thoroughly considered operational changes coupled with “smart” data analytics and assurance strategies, enhancing our in-house industry expertise and innovative problem solving.

Acumentice is Cyber Essential Plus certified and our management system meets ISO 9001 & 27001 industry compliance for working with NHS organisations.

“The Acumentice programme team managed the RTT, Diagnostics and Cancer recovery programmes for 2 years, making crucial transformational improvements to operational, data extraction and data cleansing processes which laid the foundation for recovering both Diagnostics and Cancer standards. They also worked with the Trust in creating sustainable expertise in house such that they could hand over to a substantive team and create further efficiency and savings.”

Karen BreenFormer Director of Delivery and Improvement, Barts Health NHS Trust