Elective Care Recovery Programme Design and Delivery

A key challenge for NHS Trusts and healthcare providers is how to address the large number of patients requiring critical procedures and appointments on elective waiting lists. An understanding of risk and patient prioritisation are vital starting points to an elective care recovery programme, alongside capturing and locking in essential pathway changes and having a complete understanding of capacity constraints.

For many healthcare organisations, this is a difficult task to undertake if it is unable to provide the time and resources needed to build an elective care recovery strategy so turn to a healthcare consultancy to support.

Elective Care Recovery Programme Design and Delivery Services

Acumentice can help conduct a comprehensive review of all services to meet current challenges. By combining data analytics and our expertise, we will provide you with and deliver a recovery programme that clearly shows best practices and clear solutions to manage backlogs, improve patient experience and access to care and provide a better integrated, patient-centric experience. 

By working with Acumentice, hospital trusts can implement these essential developments to access the Elective Care Recovery Funds.

Our services are available in bespoke packages or as part of our wider healthcare management consultancy services which encompasses elective care, digital transformation in healthcare, healthcare analytics and waiting list validation.

Why Acumentice?

The experienced and passionate team at Acumentice work closely with NHS Trusts to find the solutions to every challenge the organisation faces in delivering quality and safe healthcare for all. Each member of the team has over 10 years of experience in the healthcare sector and understands what is required in designing and delivering an effective and sustainable elective care improvement and recovery programme.

Acumentice is Cyber Essential Plus certified and our management system meets ISO 9001 & 27001 industry compliance for working with NHS organisations.

“Acumentice supported us with the data analysis from ground up. This included looking from front to back to front end processes in identifying where our challenges were. This was the very first and key crucial step to support our elective care recovery programme and it allowed us to decide what we needed to do to treat and care for our patients but also to support our staff.”

Martina DinneenManaging Director, North West London ICS