Healthcare Data Analytics & Insights

Data is everywhere. From EPRs and PAS’ to operational data, there is a lot of information available. However, with the high demands of day-to-day medical procedures, elective care recovery and demand at record highs, the time and resources cannot always be spared or fully utilised to get true value out of that data.

There are many insights to be gained by harnessing the information with a team who can dedicate their time to analysis and interpretation to enable real clarity, quality and service improvement in healthcare. 

Healthcare Data Analytics and Insights Services

Acumentice understands the vast amounts of data. With the sheer amount of information available, it can be difficult for NHS leaders to make swift decisions that will fix the strategic and operational challenges that NHS Trusts face on a daily basis. 

By partnering with us, we will analyse all your data by combining sophisticated visualisation tools, including powerful AI technology from Power BI, with our strategic and operational expertise. This vital bridge between analytics and operations is essential and provides true clarity for senior leaders within the NHS, enabling them to achieve actionable insights and bring about healthcare performance improvement right across the Trust.

Our healthcare data analytics and digital health solutions are available in bespoke packages or as part of our wider healthcare management consultancy services which encompasses an elective care recovery programme, data quality improvement strategy, healthcare analytics and waiting list validation.

Why Acumentice?

The passionate team at Acumentice work as a healthcare consultancy supporting hospital trusts to bring about real change to operational healthcare which leads to better patient experiences. Every challenge is met by our team while expressing our core values: excellence, respect, clarity, passion and integrity.

As your healthcare data analytics consultancy, we’re here to support all NHS Trusts with improving data quality in healthcare and also providing the right information to leaders that can be turned into tangible and effective changes.

Acumentice is Cyber Essential Plus certified and our management system meets ISO 9001 & 27001 industry compliance for working with NHS organisations.

“Acumentice supported us with the data analysis from ground up. This included looking from front to back to front end processes in identifying where our challenges were. This was the very first and key crucial step to support our elective care recovery programme and it allowed us to decide what we needed to do to treat and care for our patients but also to support our staff.”

Martina DinneenManaging Director, North West London ICS