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Working in partnership with the NHS to deliver innovative operational and digital transformational solutions, uniquely designed to our clients' needs.

We analyse, interpret and transform health care pathways. By understanding the importance of high quality data and collaborating with pathway stakeholders at all levels, we are able to investigate challenges and offer solutions, unique to our client’s needs.

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Under pressure: An analysis of primary care pressures facing Integrated Care Systems at launch

The NHS is facing perhaps its greatest-ever set of challenges. Waiting lists and pressures in primary care were rising before the pandemic but the restrictions on access to services and the impacts on population health from COVID-19 make the road to service recovery extremely difficult.

We are thrilled to have worked alongside Future Health to launch a new report, looking at the NHS regions which are under the highest primary and secondary care pressure going into this winter. We care strongly about building a healthier NHS and the success of ICSs is a key foundation to achieving this goal.

To read the key findings visit here or the full report can be found here.

News and Insights

Tackling waiting lists – why a rounded approach is needed

Elective care waiting lists have remained persistently high in recent years, exacerbated further by the Covid-19 pandemic and recent industrial action. But they cannot be tackled by increasing activity alone. A multi-pronged approach – which improves IT systems, seeks proactive assurance on digital infrastructures and focuses on upskilling the workforce in waitlist management – is […]

40 new hospitals – what’s the real story?

Confused about the government’s 40 new hospitals programme? You’re not alone. Ever since it was announced as a manifesto pledge by the Conservatives in December 2019, it’s been a clear lesson in semantics, misunderstanding and (some would say) smoke and mirrors. How many of the 40 new hospitals are actually new? How many will be […]

NHS long-term workforce plan – what are the key enablers?

The NHS’s long-awaited long-term workforce plan was finally released at the end of June, after many false dawns. But how can it be realised to achieve its full potential and really make a difference? What was announced? The long-term workforce plan covered a wide range of areas, but the most eye-catching announcements were: A £2.4bn […]

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Elective Care Management Consulting

Our Associates offer experienced advisory and management support to ensure you have the best team behind your systems.

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Improving Data Quality

High quality data flows mean better patient care. We have in-house experts who have developed standardised data quality checks that can be applied across different datasets to highlight where data quality is a concern.

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Digital Transformation

We transform business operations through modernisation and replacement of manual processes with automated digital solutions. Experienced and expert in multiple NHS clinical and admin systems, we are able to support and advise on large-scale transitions and migration of PAS IT systems at all levels.

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