Elective Care Recovery & Management Consulting | Data Quality Improvement | Digital Transformation

Acumentice deliver high quality, rapid and cost-competitive improvements across a range of domains, always with the patient as our primary concern.

We can provide a bespoke combination of diagnostic and corrective projects to support NHS Trusts and CCGs with their information and operational management as well as over all Elective Care standards recovery. Some of the services we have provided to Trusts and CCGs are listed below, but we are also able to deliver any Trust-specific requirements which can be tailored to your needs. Whether just a diagnostic report is required, or a full operational turnaround of a particular department, we can support your team.

Acumentice have supported multiple Trusts in improving their data quality through considered operational changes coupled with ‘smart’ data validation in recent years, validating and correcting hundreds of thousands of records across numerous different patient administration systems. We have also delivered many RTT, Cancer and diagnostic improvement programmes.

Elective care improvement and recovery programmes across both large and smaller acute Trusts, as well as supporting CCGs with their performance-related relationships with their acute Trusts. Our expertise in these domains support us in always using resource in a smart, time efficient and cost effective way to ensure the optimum results for clients.

Diagnostic reports to give Trusts their multi-metric score for the quality of their data, knowledge and training, broken down across 7 domains of elective care management. These reports also provide detailed recommended actions for improvement.

Performance and data quality analytics are included as part of the Diagnostic reports but can also be a stand alone service which allows the Trust to understand the specific data issues impacting their performance metrics.

On site operational consultancy to support the delivery element of recovery projects. These can include the delivery of the recommendations from the Diagnostic report or other key improvement projects.

PAS migration and workflow expertise is one of our key strengths as often these processes are complicated and require deep understanding to deliver reconfiguration to support operational and clinical needs.

An on-site or off-site data validation team to identify specific data quality issues. These can be targeted to specific cohorts of high-risk patients identified by the diagnostic report, or they can be more generalised as per the Trust’s needs. This validation team can also provide at-source front-end correction of the data. This ensures that data remains clean after Acumentice have completed our work, so the fixes put in place by the team are sustainable.

Training and development – Where training is identified as an issue for either clinical or non-clinical staff, Acumentice can provide a customised training programme for RTT and/or use of a patient administration system, including the creation of any training materials which will be electronic and editable to the Trust after Acumentice have completed the work.

Demand and capacity modelling, either for a whole Trust, or specific challenged services. We use a combination of different models and methodologies to provide detailed analysis of New and FUP demand and capacity, as well as any inpatient or day case activity within the Trust. From this, Acumentice are able to make concrete recommendations to a Trust for any corrective actions that may be required and can work closely with operational teams to support delivery of these actions.

A senior expert advisory presence at local operational meetings to ensure performance-related trajectories are being met and best practice is being followed. These can be as involved or as passive as the Trust prefers, with the potential for full performance management oversight or more of an advisory role.

Operational and Project Management Solutions

Acumentice are also able to support certain Trust and CCG requirements with regards the filling of positions within operational and project management. We are also able to place staff at a service manager level and above, with the possibility for lower graded posts dependent on the role. We only look to place the most experienced and able staff into the most suitable roles to ensure Trusts and CCGs are receiving the maximum level of output and delivery while they continue to recruit to a position.