Healthcare Management Consulting Services

Acumentice delivers high quality, rapid and cost-competitive healthcare consultancy, recovery and improvement programmes for NHS Trusts.

As a healthcare management consultancy, our experienced team can provide a bespoke combination of diagnostic and hands-on delivery projects to support NHS organisations with Elective Care standards improvement and recovery, data analytics, digital healthcare transformation as well as applied operational management.

Working in partnership every step of the way, we combine the use of the latest AI-based data analysis tools and our healthcare expertise, helping solve real problems that improve patient outcomes while delivering sustainable value to the NHS.

Elective Care Management Consulting

Comprehensive elective care management consulting services across NHS organisations at individual provider, CCG as well as Integrated Care System level. Our teams are experienced in supporting all aspects of elective care in a smart, time-efficient and cost-effective way to ensure optimum results for our clients.

Recovery programme design and delivery

Elective care recovery is a vital programme for all NHS organisations in the current context. This requires a comprehensive review of services to meet the current challenge and the scale of designing and delivering at this scale can be challenging. Combining data analytics tools, AI and our expertise, we can support and design a recovery programme that provides you with best practice and clear solutions to better manage backlogs and demand for elective care services, improve patient experience and access to care and provide a more integrated, patient-centric experience. These are essential developments to achieve under the recent NHS operating plans and to access the Elective Recovery Funds.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation in healthcare requires complex and deep understanding to be delivered effectively. Patient administration system (PAS) migrations and workflow expertise are key strengths of our offering, giving organisations the reconfiguration they need to support operational, clinical and reporting needs. Once complete, our customised healthcare transformation training and development programmes get clinical and non-clinical staff up to speed with the new technology.

Data Quality Improvement

From comprehensive diagnostic reports to providing measurable outcomes on data quality, knowledge, and training across all nine domains of the Acumentice Improvement System to performance and data quality analytics, we will provide the information you need for a full data quality improvement plan. Our clients can also directly choose between an on-site or off-site data validation team to identify and solve specific data quality issues, leaving organisations with a sustainable model to work with upon completion.

Data Analytics & Insights

Healthcare providers work with vast amounts of data, and with information coming from various sources. We understand the challenge this presents for NHS leaders to make swift yet informed/insightful decisions to address strategic and operational challenges. We analyse data by combining visualisation tools such as powerful AI technology from Power BI, with our strategic and operational expertise. This delivers a bridge between operations and analytics which is essential for senior leaders in the NHS to achieve actionable insights that will drive improvements across their organisations.

Waiting List Validation

Accurate waiting lists are essential in driving patient safety however we know this is a real challenge for NHS organisations. We use only quality assured, highly skilled validators, experienced in all major PAS and EPR systems, to validate and correct waiting lists accurately to reduce risks and give a clearer operational outlook to support recovery and capacity planning.

All programmes also take into account the need for monitoring tools for tracking sustainable recovery.

How our Healthcare Consultancy Services fit together

While our healthcare consultancy services are available as individual and bespoke packages, together they can be built into one overall healthcare transformation strategy to improve processes across NHS organisations. This is the Acumentice Improvement System.

Why Acumentice?

Acumentice have an experienced and passionate team that strive to deliver exceptional services to NHS Trusts across the UK with elective care recovery, data analytics, digital transformation and more. At the core of our service is our values – excellence, respect, clarity, passion and integrity – a promise to our clients to ensure we deliver a first-class service.

We have supported multiple Trusts, CCGS and Integrated Care Systems in improving their elective care delivery and data quality through considered operational changes coupled with ‘smart’ data analytics and assurance strategies in recent years, using our industry expertise and innovative problem-solving.

Our management system is ISO 9001 & 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified, ensuring quality and complete compliance when working with NHS organisations.