Data Quality Improvement

We believe data quality is paramount. Without it, a lack of clarity can mean an organisation can struggle to understand the true situation and function efficiently enough to improve patient experiences.

There can be a lack of confidence in the data being provided by teams about waiting times due to the limited oversight over what information is available. Poor data quality can lead to regular long waiting pathways, leaving patients waiting far too long before they get access to the right care. All this leads to significant challenges in modelling and planning effectively, making it complex to articulate possible trajectories.

However, there is a solution through data quality improvement services from healthcare consultancy, Acumentice.

Data Quality Improvement Services for Healthcare

Acumentice can provide various data quality improvement for NHS Trusts and more, from comprehensive diagnostic reports to providing measurable outcomes on data quality. Our team can also provide knowledge and training across all nine domains of the Acumentice Improvement System alongside performance and data quality analytics, helping Trust boards with developing a full data quality improvement plan.

We start by analysing baseline data quality positions and assess fitness for purpose which will inform the recovery programme. From there, we work with you to develop data validation strategies and priorities, monitor progress, mitigate risk and preserve data reliability.

It’s important that we offer clients complete flexibility which is why we give our clients the choice between an on-site or off-site data validation team to identify and solve all data quality issues.

Upon completion of the project, our team will leave the organisation with a sustainable data quality improvement strategy to work with and can make arrangements for ongoing monitoring moving forward as required.

Our services are available in bespoke packages or as part of our wider healthcare management consultancy services which encompasses an elective care recovery programme, digital transformation in healthcare, healthcare analytics and waiting list validation.

Why Acumentice?

The experienced team at Acumentice provide various support services to NHS Trusts across the UK, helping them with elective care recovery, waiting list validation, data analytics and more. Our passionate team works closely in partnership with all clients, exuding our core values at every turn: excellence, respect, clarity, passion and integrity.

Acumentice is Cyber Essential Plus certified and our management system meets ISO 9001 & 27001 industry compliance for working with NHS organisations.

“The Acumentice programme team managed the RTT, Diagnostics and Cancer recovery programmes for 2 years, making crucial transformational improvements to operational, data extraction and data cleansing processes which laid the foundation for recovering both Diagnostics and Cancer standards. They also worked with the Trust in creating sustainable expertise in house such that they could hand over to a substantive team and create further efficiency and savings.”

Karen BreenFormer Director of Delivery and Improvement, Barts Health NHS Trust