The Acumentice Philosophy

Adding sustainable value and improving patient experience is at the heart of all we do. We believe that delivering quality and timely patient care is the key to a successful and efficient National Health Service.

Since 2014, Acumentice has been advising, supporting and delivering improvement programmes that make real change to healthcare pathways and patient’s lives.

Our passionate team are able to offer experienced advisory services and programme management in the fields of:

  • Elective Care Recovery & Management Consulting – Cancer, Diagnostics and Referral to treatment waiting list support
  • Data Quality Transformation – We specialise in understanding and improving data for clients
  • Digital Transformation – We support clients in transforming operational and manual processes into efficient automated digital processes

Our goal in any project is to build teams, systems and processes that are sustainable and continue to deliver improvement into the future.

NHS Partners in Improving Patient Pathways

We understand the complex issues healthcare organisations face in meeting National Access Targets. By focusing on this, we have honed our skills and knowledge of data and operational processes.

This specialist insight and understanding helps us to:

  • Work in partnership with our clients to fully understand their individual issues, relating to RTT, cancer and diagnostics
  • Develop unique and robust solutions, that consider the competing needs of all stakeholders
  • Deliver results that make real, sustainable change to our clients’ processes, pathways and patient experience
  • Transfer and embed the knowledge our clients need, to manage and continue improving their processes into the future

Experienced Healthcare Professionals are at the Core of Acumentice

All associates at Acumentice are handpicked, based on their extensive front-line knowledge of the NHS and healthcare sector. This is how we make sure our team is equipped to understand each client’s unique set of problems and deliver the high quality transformation they need.

With over 20 years’ experience in CCGs and acute Trusts, our team have in-depth understanding, knowledge and practical experience of healthcare operational processes and National Access Targets. In a time when meeting targets is becoming increasingly difficult, our associates are perfectly placed to analyse, evaluate, propose and deliver insightful solutions to complex problems.